Turf Valley Towne Square

August 9, 2018: Chubby HooHoo at Turf Valley Towne Square in Ellicott City, MD. The weather was great, the crowd filled the streets & sidewalks.

Photography by Mindy Lang.


Feet On The Street

July 14, 2018: Chubby HooHoo rocked the crowd at Feet On The Street in Towson, MD. Everyone braved the heat that day, partied and danced until the sun went down. It was an event to remember for Chubby Hoo Hoo.

Photography by Robert Jordan.


The Barn in Parkville

February 9, 2018: Chubby HooHoo back at The Barn in Carney, MD. It was another great night with a crowd that always comes to party! Another “Off The Hook” event, as usual!

Photography by Robert Jordan.


Ashland Cafe

January 12, 2018: This was our first time at The Ashland Cafe. It was a rainy night outside but that didn’t keep anyone from partying with us inside! A shout of thanks to the friendly staff who kept the food & drinks flowing, to old friends, new friends and everybody else. It’s you who made the night great for us!

Photography by Robert Jordan.



December 9, 2017: Chubby HooHoo Hit McAvoy's in Parkville. A SPECIAL THANKS to McAvoy’s and everyone who showed for our gig that night. Even though there were a lot of cancellations around town due to this season's first snow storm, McAvoy's kept their doors open and you ‘still’ came to hear us!

Photography by Robert Jordan.


The Stables

November 7, 2017: Chubby HooHoo “Rocked the House” at The Stables in Westminster. It was an “Off The Hook” night. Also a big “THANKS” to the friendly staff at The Stables for their Top-Notch Service!

Check out our VIDEO, compliments of our friends at Carroll County Live.

Photography by Robert Jordan.