Andy Armetta

Andy Armetta: Drums & Percussion

Andy Armetta, Drummer for Chubby Hoo HooAndy started playing drums at the age of fourteen. After seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, Andy formed his first Band, then The Sussex. Putting the band together with friends, they played the “British Invasion” style, popular at that time. Like many other groups, the Sussex played the “CYO and Teen Center circuit” and for Andy it was the groundwork for an extensive musical career. The band played together for two years and disbanded as various members went off to college.

Andy then joined a thirteen piece Soul / Funk band called The Talismen. Getting back to his roots, the group featured a big brass section. Playing in a “big band” helped tremendously in Andy’s development as a drummer, giving him a strong sense of discipline. Playing the style of music he loved, it was a fun project for Andy.

As Andy’s influences changed to more of the Rock ‘N Roll style he formed his next band Exit. The group was formed to compete with the best bands in Baltimore. Staying together for six years Exit made the transition from a part time weekend band to a serious full time band working local clubs throughout Baltimore before disbanding in the early 70’s.

In 1972 Andy joined Expressway with one of the most dynamic and talented guitar players in Baltimore, Dale Coleman. Moving from a “local” group status, Expressway became an opening act for top recording bands including Badfingrer, the Edgar Winter Group, Wishbone Ash, Stories, the Grass Roots, and the Climax Blues Band.

Over the years Andy has performed with local popular bands such as Apricot Brandy, Kotton, Wise Guise, Krystal Klear, Lucifer, Beginnings, and Little Pigs; he was also part of the reunion band “the Fugitives” which was a local popular band in the early 60’s. More recently he was part of an R & B and Chicago Blues band called the Upsetters.

A great addition to Chubby Hoo Hoo, Andy has experience and discipline, providing a strong steady beat.