Mike Scarinzi

Mike Scarinzi: Bass & Vocals

Mike Scarinzi, Bass Player for Chubby Hoo HooIn 1956, Mike saw Elvis Presley on The Ed Sullivan Show and from then on Mike’s life was all about music. Mike played for 13-years with Rob Fahey, from 1963 until 1976, with only a short break in the middle.

Mike played in an impressive number of top local bands including:

The Shandels; 1963 to 1965
  Impact; 1965 to 1966
  White Lightning; 1966 to 1968
  Kingdom; 1968 to 1970
  Wizard; from 1970 to 1976
  Satin Doll/Strider with Roger Pace; 1976 to 1979
  The Pynz; 1980 to 1984

Mike currently owns and operates AAPS PRODUCTIONS, a full service production house. In addition to his musical venues, he has been in the business of mixing live bands since 1984.

Mike’s clean bass riffs, great vocals and strong sense of rhythm provide a solid musical foundation under every song the band plays.